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The Blanket Scenario Fanfiction
~ version 2.0 ~
five oh
[FANDOM/SERIES] Harry Potter
[CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS] Hermione Granger/Gregory Goyle
[TITLE] In His Arms
[WARNINGS/DISCLAIMERS] None. And not mine obviously! Belongs to JK Rowling. ♥

In His Arms
30th-Sep-2006 01:14 pm - The Mivtsa
firefly; inara
Title: One Blanket
‘Fandom’: The Mivtsa
Claim: Brygid Sutherland, Christopher Jameson, Dimitri Checkov, Eirene lam Arim, Nira Mindel, Rachel Cristoff, Seren of the Order of Whispering Mud, Twenty-seven, Tzivia Mindel
Season: Four
Rating: PG-13, just because
Word Count: 1867
Summary: The crew gets caught in a snow storm. What fun.

When they landed, the planet didn’t look dangerous
31st-Aug-2006 04:33 pm - CLAIMS LIST
Those which are claimed for the challenge.
As of August.18.2007

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31st-Aug-2006 04:32 pm - CLAIMING
Here's where you do the claiming and exchange. If you're exchanging, make sure you *DROP* a claim first (proceed to the UNCLAIMING page to drop).

Follow this format:

You must remember to write the characters' full names, k? And yes, crossovers are allowed, but please LIMIT IT TO TWO FANDOMS. You may claim up to two characters-scenarios.
31st-Aug-2006 04:30 pm - UNCLAIMING
If you decide to drop your claim for whatever reason, please comment in here.

Format as follows:
31st-Aug-2006 04:27 pm - FAQs & Discussion
Got questions, problems? Address them here! The mod will gladly help!

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