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The Blanket Scenario Fanfiction
~ version 2.0 ~
31st-Aug-2006 04:33 pm
Those which are claimed for the challenge.
As of August.18.2007

Black Hawk Down
Mike Durant / Cliff Wolcott ~ claimed by corporal_king

CSI: Miami
Timothy Speedle / Horatio Caine ~ claimed by rafe_traceyj

CSI -X- CSI: New York
Nick Stokes / Lindsay Monroe ~ claimed by afteriwake

Fall-Out Boy
Pete Wentz / Andy Hurley ~ claimed by edgiko

Fighting in the dark (original series)
Kai / Aira ~ claimed by angel_ray
Kinashi / Keahi ~ claimed by angel_ray

Gate (original series)
Sam / Arthur ~ claimed by otogi_2

Harry Potter
Rufus Scrimgeour / Nymphadora Tonks ~ claimed by maverickmila
Fred Weasley / Hermione Granger ~ claimed by silveris
Hermione Granger / Gregory Goyle ~ claimed by sellthelie
Severus Snape / Lily Evans ~ claimed by peskywhistpaw
Bill Weasley / Charlie Weasley ~ claimed by yellow_pilloe

House, M.D.
Allison Cameron / Lisa Cuddy ~ claimed by chaosity

Morning Musume
Kaori / Mari ~ claimed by vulgar_vogue

New York Yankees
Kyle Farnsworth / Scott Proctor ~ claimed by super_six_one

Real People
Ville Valo / Jonne Aaron ~ claimed by adalyta

Mark Cohen / Roger Davis ~ claimed by afavoritemelody

Star Trek TOS
Spock, Christine Chapel ~ claimed by tablyn24

The O.C.
Summer Roberts / Seth Cohen ~ claimed by blessedcalamity
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