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The Blanket Scenario Fanfiction
~ version 2.0 ~
FAQs & Discussion 
31st-Aug-2006 04:27 pm
Got questions, problems? Address them here! The mod will gladly help!

Q- Is it okay if I claim up to 3 or more characters per fandom?
A- Yep, it's ok! There should be at least two characters in the scenario. But you can have 3 or more characters share one blanket too (if there's a big enough blanket...).

Q- Are crossovers allowed?
A- Crossovers are allowed, but with few restrictions. First, of course is that it will be limited to two fandoms (so 1 "main fandom" + 1 "other fandom" = 2), mainly because of the time restraint, and also, so that we can keep the characters and fandoms as close as possible.

Q- Blizzard, hypothermia and a blanket: does the work need all three or we can choose?
A- The challenge calls for all three. It's a scenario, but the hypothermia need not be present, it will be just a result if worse comes to worse. Chelsea-dono has a research about hypothermia and its effects, symptoms, etc at her website - you can read about it, if unsure.

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