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The Blanket Scenario Fanfiction

~ version 2.0 ~

The Blanket Scenario Fanfiction Challenge v2.0
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WELCOME TO the Blanket Scenario Fanfiction Challenge ~ Version 2.0 ~

This themed community was inspired by the fanfiction challenge, The Blanket Scenario, created by Chelsea Deanne. Although borrowed, the community retains the basic idea and theme of the challenge.

The Situation
Two (or more) characters trapped overnight in a single-room cabin in the middle of a blizzard. Its so cold that falling asleep uncovered will undoubtedly cause hypothermia. They only have One blanket. There are about Endless Possibilities.

The Assignment
Your task is to write fanfiction for any your chosen fandom/series of the said scenario.

The Rules
The fun in communities, of course! PLEASE take note.

1- You must join the community first. This is OPEN membership, so everyone's welcome to join - whether you plan to write for this challenge or just comment on other peoples' works.

2- The fanfiction that will be submitted and hosted in this community is now OPEN to ALL cartoons (not just japanese anime), comic books, movies, TV series, books, and music fandoms, though not necessarily limited to those which are listed below in the Interests. Original stories and characters are also accepted in the community.

For anime, manga and RPG fandoms, please proceed to one_blanket

3- Make your stake to claim for the characters and fandom, be sure to follow the format below, ok? Each member may claim up to two characters-scenario, only make sure that you complete the challenge within 2 months after you made the claim. Only then can you proceed to claim another.


4- Members may claim similar pairs/characters; however, even if it's okay that people can write Blanket Scenarios for same characters and pairings, I can only allow up to three members to have similar claims. Until at least one of them finishes, only then the pair/characters will be available for taking again. Crossovers are allowed. But limited to only two fandoms.

5- The two-month time limit is to ensure that people will be finishing their works. It's a challenge, after all.

6- Upon completing the challenge, you may either post your entries here at the comm or in your journal (or your website, if you have one), but please, please, place them behind an lj-cut, or a link to the entry.

Also, please follow the format for posting your entry/entries:


If posting for two claims, keep them at separate entries. Makes it easier to add to the Memories.

7- All genres, ratings and relationships (shounen ai/yaoi/male slash, shoujo ai/yuri/femmeslash) are accepted. HOWEVER! (and this is *important*) If your work contains graphic adult themes and falls in the NC-17 and R categories, please place them as a locked entry. This is to put a restriction for readers to these certain types of work.

8- Length of work is up to you. Whether you decide to do a 100 word (or less) drabble or a multi-chaptered story, no restrictions! Just make sure you complete it within the 2 month period of your claim, of course!

All completed entries shall be placed in the Memories of this Community.

9- Absolutely NO flaming or bashing of authors, stories, characters, fandoms, series or anything else related to this comm. Learn to respect each others' works. Ne?

10- Please review the works. It's not necessary, but it makes writers feel good. Keep it to compliments, constructive criticisms and gushes.

11- If you decided to change or give up a claim, there's a page provided for that, just leave your comments there.

12- Finally, HAVE FUN and LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD! There are many endless possibilities for this scenario, the goal is to explore and if possible, exhaust all of them! ^0^

Members Section

C L A I M I N G - where claims and changes to claims are made.
U N C L A I M I N G - if you decide to drop or give up your claims.
C L A I M S L I S T - the list of claimed characters/pairings.
F A Q s & D I S C U S S I O N - for your questions, problems, affiliations, etc, address them here.

Aaya-chan, damngenkiusagi [moderator/gen admin]
email: damnhappyusagi@gmail.com

I *DO NOT* claim for the original idea of the Blanket Scenario Fanfic Challenge, I'm merely hosting this to give other fandoms an opportunity to take this on. The creator of this challenge is Chelsea-dono, and she hosts earlier entries at her website: Casual Elegance - The Blanket Scenario. Please do visit! ^_^

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